Neek Lu'um permaculture

“Permaculture is a design approach based on connecting different disciplines, strategies, and techniques to create regenerative and resilient human settlements. The word itself, coined by Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, is a contraction of both “permanent culture” and “permanent agriculture”. The aim of permaculture is to design ecologically sound, economically prosperous human communities. It is guided by a set of ethics: care for the Earth, care for the people, and return of one’s surplus.

Rows of plants on a farm.

Simply put: Permaculture is a sustainable design science based on observation of natural patterns.” The Dirt Rich School.

For a great many of us, we are feeling a pull back to the land. We want to be in the dirt, to grow our food, to connect with our Great Mother Earth. We are seeing so clearly now that many of the solutions to our cultures’ catastrophes are to get back to nature. We meet a wild edge of ourselves when we are gifted a life initiation; we are invited to experience our own rebirth. Perhaps, this is where many of us are now.

We develop a nerve for rewilding and hone our resiliency skills. By no coincidence, these are also two of the three key elements of Net Positive. Community is the third element and perhaps the most powerful, as this is why we are here.

As we prioritize Net Positive environment in our living and shared spaces, we will also explore the magnitude of this meaning within our own inner worlds. Our community ranch will foster and support both our inner and outer worlds; both of which require rewiliding and resiliency.

Neek Lu’um has roughly 200 acres outside of the community specifically for permaculture and livestock. We are working closely with a team of Hungarian scientists and experts to provide the most nutrient dense food we can possibly produce. Our goal is to develop and implement the most efficient organic production methods as soon as possible. The traditional eco-farming itself cannot not cope with the challenge of producing at an affordable price for everyone. The new direction is the blue economic model, which seeks to create a solution by translating the harmony and balance observed in nature into life and production.

Our aims are to achieve multiple goals by developing an efficient, innovative organic blue farming and product manufacturing. To solve this task, we plan a  research, development and production institution, in which we not only research and develop, but also implement the coordinated operation of the individual elements on an industrial scale in accordance with market-oriented conditions. The detailed measurement and monitoring system guarantees that we can research and document the parameters of production processes under real production conditions.


Every Neek Lu’um member is encouraged to be as self-sustaining as possible. This includes making ones own wears, vegetable gardens, orchards, and even raising livestock. We also encourage barter, and teach any skill-sets you might have.