The home building process is fun at Neek Lu’um!It is based 100% off your design, inspirations, and your families needs and wants. Our Architects were kind enough to create a model home for our community. You're more than welcome to use that design and our architects. You can also use your own architects, or even build your ownhome!Every home is required to be self-sustaining which includes a minimum of solar panels, waterwell, and bio-digester. Contact us to learn more about the self-sustaining items you’ll need for

Home exterior with stone wall (computer generated).


Your home should be your comfort space, calming and peaceful. We understand that not everyone would like to use our architects, and some would like to take their own path. We ask that you create something beautiful, aesthetic, and no more than 2 stories high.There are many options available for you to choose from!

Keepin mind that you will need to do some research on materials that will withstand the Yucatan elements; it is also advised to lift your home a bit off the ground to allow rain water to flow during the rainy season. Some options could include: rammed earth, concrete or shipping container.

Home exterior surrounded by nature (computer generated).
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Dining room with table and window view of nature (computer generated).