One of our goals at Neek Lu’um is to make every person that joins us feels at home and has everything they need to live productively, happily and freely. Neek Lu’um has everything you need to feel at home including an 11 acre ranch with corrals, water troughs, a well and plantation area.

Mayan cabin.
Hands on a log.

Community features

Family friendly, security, human rights advocates, secluded, safest city in America.

Two people at an outside bar top.


Your next adventure is Glamping at Neek Lu’um. Enjoy all other amenities during your stay.

Ping pong paddle on a ping pong table.

Club house

Join your friends in the clubhouse to hang out, chat and have some fun.

Hands holding barbels.


Get your daily workout in at our gym.

Hand holding a latte.


Grab a bite to eat at the organic café.

Child writing in notebook.

Home schooling area

A safe, quiet place for our children to learn

Hand doing gardening.

Regenerative Farming

Bringing new life to the soil that will grow our organic food.

Childrens hands with dirt on them.

Self sustaining

Eco construction, re-using rain water, growing our own food

Bowl of food on the corner of a table.

Holistic center

We are lucky enough to have holistic residents that are happy to help our Community Ranch.

Jungle gym.

Jungle Gym

Let the kids play outside!