Meet Stuart and Jacqui Skyes, founders of Neek Lu’um. They created Neek Lu’um to help families that were searching for a safe place to raise their family, much like their own. Stuart is a native Californian and real estate investor and Jacqul is a human rights activist originally from Mexico.

Mayan Pyramid.

Together they make a fierce team creating a luxury eco village in the heart of the Yucatan jungle just 40 minutes outside of Merida, the safest city in North America. They had a vision of a sanctuary

surrounded by nature, away from the politics and chaos of home, for families with the same desire. Come visit Stuart and Jaqui at Neek Lu’um to experience the magic for yourself.


Portrait of team member Stuart.


Stuart is a co-founder of Neek Lu'um along with his wife Jacqui. A builder contractor in the San Francisco Bay area who decided to make a big change in his life to make a self-sustaining community in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico due to the changes of political and government policies in his own state and country.

His own purpose for Neek Lu'um is one of survival, not only for his son but also for the sons and daughters of others on this planet who want to make a community of help.

His role within Neek Lu'um is that of CEO, and he is the one that keeps the ball rolling on all building and development. If you would like to reach him please email hello@neekluum.com

Portrait of team member Jacqui.


My name is Jacqui Sykes and I’m the visionary for Neek Lu'um along with my husband Stuart. As a mom,  my first impulse is to protect my kids. I don’t like injustices I see around the world, and the love I have for all human beings is what is making me strong to complete this project; so Neek Lu'um can be a solution for the changes that are coming to the planet. That is why we are creating this ecovillage.

My role in Neek Lu'um is to provide a happy and safe community environment. I am active on social media platforms to offer Neek Lu'um as a safe place for people around the world. I am also in charge of all the legal documents of Neekluum. If you have any questions for me directly, please email me at: hello@neekluum.com

Portrait of team member Ashley.


Ashley works in the Sales and Marketing department as an Administrator. Ashley joined the Neek Lu'um project because she has a passion for helping people, and this project has allowed her to help people in a broader spectrum.

Contact Ashley if you need help scheduling a meeting, are needing help understanding your pre-sale agreement contract, or with any general questions. She is here to help!You can reach her at: ashley@neekluum.com

Portrait of team members Arturo & Claudia.

Arturo & Claudia

Arturo and Claudia are a dynamic duo! They attend to the local customer services, give new clients tours of Neek Lu'um and help them integrate into the local atmosphere. If you would like to schedule a tour, please email at: hello@neekluum.com