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Neek Lu’um is an innovative ecovillage ranch created to bring together those with a shared vision of a safer environment for their families. Every detail has been carefully crafted to create the ideal environment. The creators of Neek Lu’um have developed a magical retreat that incorporates health, wellness, family safety and quality of living.

Neek Luum is not only your new home, it’s a new way of living.

Building in the forest.

Self-sustaining Eco-village Ranch

Homes are built on up to 50% of the lot to preserve the jungle. We have prioritized Net Positive environment in our living and shared spaces working closely with our architects to ensure the integrity of the surrounding jungle is kept intact. Our community will foster and support our vision to live in harmony with the environment around us.

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Neek Lu'um is offering investments in lots by private contract, called in Mexico "Comodato", between the owners of neekluum and the buyer of the lot in some cases lots.  This is not just a project, it runs much deeper; it’s a passion for humanity and living in a way that is self-sustaining, and coexists with nature. Neek Lu’um itself translates to “Seeds of the Earth” Neek Lu’um is designed to be a community, not a commune, we want you to live individual lives, while still getting to know your neighbor. We like to get to know all of our potential members first, before you move forward. This is just to ensure your family goals,ethics, and morals; align with those of the community.

Moving to
Neek Lu'um

Neek Lu’um is located in the beautiful Yucatan Jungle just 40 minutes outside of Merida, Mexico. Our Community Ranch is on 54 acres surrounded by nature and almost 200 acres specifically for permaculture and livestock. Neek Lu’um is one of the largest communities of it’s kind in Mexico.

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Community features

Family friendly, security, human rights advocates, secluded, safest city in America.

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Your next adventure is glamping at Neek Lu’um. Enjoy all other amenities during your stay.

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Club house

Join your friends in the clubhouse to hang out, chat and have some fun.

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Get your daily workout in at our gym.

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Grab a bite to eat at the organic café.

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Home schooling area

A safe, quiet place for our children to learn

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Mayan Pyramid.
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Neek Lu’um is located 40 minutes away from Merida Mexico, Named the best city to live and twice named the “American Capital of Culture” and the 2nd safest city on the Americas continent. Merida is a city rich in culture and diversity, art and gastronomy. There are over 10,000 Americas and Canadians currently living in the area. There is an international airport, private hospitals that have bilingual doctors with excellent quality of care.


Latest updates

Housing Options Webinar

New housing options webinar. This webinar introduced two new companies to the Neek Lu'um community who can help design and build new housing options for our members. Email us to receive more information about shipping containers and luxury canvas tent home options. hello@neekluum.com

Come tour

Over the last few weeks we have welcomed 5 families who made a trip specifically to tour Neek Lu'um. If you are considering joining us, plan a trip to visit. We will give you a full tour of our land and show you around the area. We would love to meet you!

Building a comunity

We currently 29 of the 126 lots are occupied by community members of the Neek Lu’um union. Many more people are looking for a slower life, closer to nature and surrounded by like minded people. We have welcomed folks from all over the world, Spain, Canada, Australia to name a few.

Interior living room with stone wall (computer generated).
Exterior yard and home (computer generated).

Contact us

We're here to help answer any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

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